Saturday, February 2, 2008

New Dimensions

This morning a headline on my Comcast home page read Hannah Montana Movie Screening Nearly Empty. It was misleading. The story reported that a theater in Manhattan only had a few people for the opening show. But it was early morning, a school day and the weather was terrible.

Where we live, the weather was clear, and school was out. We went to the evening show and it was a different story. We should have gotten there earlier; we should not have stopped for pizza. The lady who took our tickets said that the next two shows of the night were sold out. Although we got our tickets two weeks in advance, the only row that had three in a row was the first row!

I don't think Kenz thought it was going to be a movie, with all the hype about 3D and Concert. As soon as we were seated in row one, she burst into tears, insisting we move farther back, away from the monstrous screen. I think she thought it was going to swallow us up.

After a careful search amidst all the little Hannahs and Jonas Brother fans, I majorly lucked out and found one seat on the aisle. My daughter sat with Kenz on her lap and I sat on the floor next to them, on the stairs. I was ready to be evicted, labeled a fire hazard, but it never happened, never saw a theater employee, except for the boy outside the door who handed us our goggles, I mean 3D glasses. Several girls in pink Hannah attire were dancing in the aisles and a few times I felt like joining them.

Even having been a part of the psychedelic seventies, I had never experienced 3D. When you take off the glasses the screen is blurry! (Just like when I take out my contacs.) It was fantastic to feel like I was right up on stage with the performers. (I only wish it was Led Zeppelin) Guitars, confetti, mics and strange objects floated in front of our eyes.

Hannah is an idol, no doubt about it. She's a good entertainer. In one scene her mother is interviewed, and as a parent I could sense her apprehension about the whole situation. As any mom would be, she was worried about her daughter getting sick from overdoing it.

I never went to a Rock Concert, until I was in High School. I wonder how this early exposure to loud bands with wailing guitars will effect five-year olds, not to mention, the fours, threes, twos and the ones in the audience. Some of the songs seem to border on self-esteem building (Nobody's Perfect and We Got The Party With Us). One of the solos that Hannah's true self Miley sings is about how she misses her grandpa after he dies.

Every generation has it's stars. I liked seeing this new one through my granddaughters eyes and in three dimensions.


Ken said...

I'm really glad to read your comments, Connie. My younger granddaughter is a big Hannah Montana fan, but she's star struck. Your positive grandmother's opinion is I think a bit more reality based.


Anna said...

We usually get to a new movie about an hour early so we can be sure to get seats. There's no way I could sit in the front row.

From what I've seen of Miley Cyrus, I like her. I just hope she keeps a good head on her shoulders and doesn't turn out like so many of these other girls who got famous so young.

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