Monday, February 11, 2008

Sick Day

Kenz was sick today, cough, flu-like symptoms, fever, no appetite. She even took a late morning nap. After a few bites of lunch, she revived a bit.

I knew last night that today I was going over to my daughter's house to be Nanny Nana Nurse. I packed up some fun in my red recycleable Trader Joe grocery bag, that for some reason I can never remember to bring to Trader Joes.

My first idea came from the play activities site at the very bottom of this page.

It's very simple.

Overcook some noodles, then make designs with it on construction paper. It might not have been a good day for this. I globbed a pile of the long sticky noodles on orange paper. It was a sculpture, but it looked like it could be something else. (Yuck) What's that Nana?

Kenz took one Noodle and made a circle. It's a planet Nana. Planets are green. Then I helped her shape a star. Our noodle art dried in the real sun before we painted them. My sculpture only got grosser. Her green planet and yellow star on the black background turned out nice.

After a half hour of bed rest, Kenz was ready to get busy again. We put together the Mousetrap Game that she got for Christmas. When I was little I loved the game. I'm positive the plastic is a cheaper quality, we made the basket fall on the mice, but even halfway playing the game by the rules is far too much trouble for a sick day.

A little sunshine and fresh air might help. We took chalk to draw on the sidewalk, made a hop scotch. This is a lava rock, she said picking up a rough stone when we played the old-fashioned game, a new way, her way.

Kenz started coughing from the exertion, so within a few minutes it was back to the house. Hydration when you're sick is served with a straw, and sips of soda pop are allowed as long as you drink water.

We decided she was due for a bath, a learning time to spell words with her stick-on letters. She came up with Soap, Bee, Kenz, then ran out of vowels. I suggested we try some writing, it worked to get her out of the tub quicker, usually she lingers till her fingers turn to raisins.

We dug out a workbook, Dora the Explorer. She was counting to thirteen in Spanish, copying words and numbers, when her mom came home from work. I didn't stay long to visit, because I was ready to--- rest.

On my way home I heard Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.

I've got some changes coming in my life.

I blogged about them at this morning. The post is about how blogging is a time eater. Right now, it's eating-- my rest time, so I will turn off this machine. But not before I hear Stevie Nick's beautiful song one more time.

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