Friday, February 15, 2008

No Hill For A Stepper

Since my last post, Kenz and I have been to the doctor, twice. Her colds have a history of moving into her chest, causing wheezing. I asked the pediatrician about this, whether it was becoming more common. I don't remember my children wheezing.

He prescribed an inhaler, which in the olden days, was reserved for, I always thought---chronic cases. His answer to my question was that it's always been common in children who are allergy prone and have a history of eczema. Kenz doesn't have eczema now, and if she did--- it was fleeting, but the office had it in her records. She is bothered by seasonal allergies and that stuffy season is just around the corner.

The second visit (and second co-pay) was yesterday. My daughter said Kenz woke up screaming in pain, left ear pain. The doc spent a good minute probing her ear, which I appreciated. He saw an infection brewing. I think this is her third one ever and she's five. My children had lots of ear infections. Kenz was prescribed the old stand-by, Amoxicillin, but because the pathogens have become resistant now the protocol is double the old standard dose. I'm not crazy about the antibiotic route, but sometimes it's the ticket to quicker healing.

Sick Day Poem
by Nana Connie

colored, coughed,
puzzled and wheezed,
got crabby, got happy,
ate tortias with cheese.

Played dollies,
perlered, coughed,
painted and sneezed,
got crabby, got happy,
watched TV till pleased.

Chutes ladders,
no school friends,
no jumping, be still,
get better, my sweetheart
climb over this hill.

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Ken said...

I'm coming to the conclusion that Arizona is not a healthy place. Everyone I know, young, old and in between, is hacking and gasping.

Miss you at memoir group.


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