Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Find

Look what I found at a yard sale!

It's green steel with a Formica top, that lifts up.

A desk, the same kind of desk I remember from my childhood. It's a heavy duty, 'watch that your fingers don't get pinched' desk. It brought back memories of grammar school during the fifties and sixties. I remember emptying the contents of my desk every June.
In my mind's eye, under the lid was a stack of hard covered books with papers sticking out from all angles. Hiding under the books were all the yellow #2 pencils I thought were lost, pink erasers covered with pen tip holes and wide-ruled leftover notebook paper in crumpled plastic. I had mixed emotions while dumping the contents into a brown paper grocery bag. I was leaving the Felician nuns, the huge black chalkboard, the seatwork and departmental for all of June,July and August. By the time summer vacation rolled around each year I had my name inked or carved into the yellow Formica top of my familiar desk. (The carving came later, around fifth grade, because by then I had a math compass.)

It was a soccer team hosting the neighborhood yard sale, a few of the teens carried the desk to my car. I electronically rolled back the front seat as they carefully tucked it in against the dash. The little chair went into the trunk. I had given twenty five dollars to somebody's mother who was standing at the top of the driveway smiling as I pulled away. Now that I think of it, she looked very happy to be bidding farewell--- to the desk. That's OK, because now it's Kenzie's desk, her own school desk, something she hasn't seen at Montessori, that's for sure. There they do their 'jobs' at little tables or on their own special rugs that they carefully roll up and put back in the basket when they're done. The philosphy of Montessori in the 3-6 class anyhow, is that the children are free to move about. At Nana's house if Kenzie chooses to sit at a desk, she will have that option.
To add to the wonderful find, this week... Kenz started reading. She has been 'sounding out' sentences from the BOB books (Set One). I'll blog more on those later. Gotta hit the books. I know my Nursing Study Guide is somewhere on my desk. It's here somewhere. I'll find it.

I do alot of living at my desk.

Desks are terrific.

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