Monday, April 14, 2008

Perpetual Motion

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Kenz has sooooo much energy. She can go non-stop. Once we finish one activity (she calls em activities, too) she immediately says, What do you want to do next Nana?

I picked up Kenz from school today and we played in the yard, squirting our very cool laser beams (a dollar store find). After that we played catch ---with water balloons. Then I blew giant bubbles while Kenz blasted the soap monsters to smithereens with her laser beam.

For our next activity we went inside and watched part of an old video, a surprise party I had for Kenz's mother, my daughter, when she turned thirteen. It was 1992 and all the girls had bangs that sort of looked like rounded spider webs coming off their foreheads. (I remember my husband called them 'tootzels.') Kenz thought this was hilarious!

After the video we played Polly Pockets. I sat next to Kenz on the floor and she did all the talking and imagining. She created scenes from 'real life' mixed in with the Cory In the House actors, her favorite TV program. Every once in awhile I got instructions. OK Nana, your person says____. Now Nana, your people clap. Nana, you dress this doll in this outfit.

By five o'clock I was exhausted and her mommy was still at work. I suggested to Kenz that we get out our yoga mats and lay down, rest, maybe meditate.

"OK Nana, that's a good idea. Oh Nana, I know what we can do...let's play... yoga."

Last year, when she was four, I bought a Yoga Kit for Kids at a yard sale. It has about thirty cards with poses. I wasn't thinking about the kit when I suggested our mats, but she remembered it, immediately. She found it on the bookcase and within minutes she had the cards lined up and we were both posing. OK Nana, now do the frog. Ribbit, Ribbit.

The kit includes a fish, a pretzel, a dog, a windmill, a waterfall, a shark, a bug, a tree, a mountain, a lion, a cat, a bird, a turtle, a flower, a butterfly, a mouse and a peacock among others.

Kenz took her time studying each card and doing the poses. We laughed and she insisted on me copying her. After we finished going through the cards, stretching and perfecting the poses, surprisingly ---I was--- revived! So we played once more before her mom arrived.

Being a Nana is teaching me something very important and that is-- ya gotta keep moving!

You never know what game is coming next.

The more I move, the more I can move, but right now I think I'll do one of my favorite poses in the Kid's Yoga Kit and that is the 'do nothing doll.'


Sally Wendkos Olds said...

Yoga with Kenz sounds like fun! And I love looking at her photos -- she's really growing up, getting that leggy look. Congratulations on going for your RN degree -- you already have your Nana degree! It's great keeping up with you.


Nona Nita said...

I hear you! When my 20 month old grandaugher leaves my house after I babysit for a few hours, I ache all over...tough on the body but good for the soul!

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