Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dinner Land

I am guessing that most families have somebody who is good at whipping up dinner. In our family that somebody is Daba. He can have a meal on the table in no time at all. There are days though, when neither one of us wants to be bothered. This evening was one of these days.

Kenz was here. I picked her up from school after my eight hour shift of Nursing. This is funny. Someone on the unit called me the N-I-T. She meant Nurse In Training, but I told her I did not want to be called a nit. She had not equated the two and laughed hysterically. Another title given to me by a clever patient is Recycled Nurse. This one will get good use. "Hi I'm Connie your recycled RN....."

Kenz and I stretched out in the playroom and read some books. (Dragon Tales-It Takes Two, George and Martha Tons of Fun, Skip and Spin Swim With The Dolphins and Dora's Box Set of Stories). My daughter, Kenz's mom soon came in the front door and plopped herself down on the couch in the family room after her lonng day at the office. Daba sat down on the couch and clicked on the big screen. Kenz and I went out to say hello. When Kenz saw the TV on, she had orders, "Turn on the cooking channel Daba."

I went to take a shower and when I came back the three of them were lined up on the leather thoroughly immersed in Emril. "I didn't know you liked cooking shows, Kenz. "

I do Nana. I like Bobby Flay and the lady that is Italian.

Daba flicked to another cooking station where the gracious Barefoot Contessa was making a mouth-watering dinner, to which I commented, "I want to try making that sometime."

Kenz was out of the room and back with a paper and a pencil. Write it down, Nana.

"I have to straighten my hair Kenz or I would."

"I'll straighten it for you," my daughter offered, then went to look for my hair straightener.

In the uncluttered summery green TV kitchen our hostess was making Clam Chowder Soup. First you put a hunk of butter in the pan, then add some onions. Chop up some potatoes, carrots, and celery. Add these after the onions are transparent. Next throw in some fresh thyme.....

Shell warmed up the hair appliance as Kenz watched to make sure I didn't miss a word of the recipe.

When it came to the chopping up and adding the fresh clams Kenz scrunched up her nose.

You could always take em out I told her. Mom, I'll take out my clams, Kenz said.

In the meantime, we are hungry. The slick chef has moved onto the Avocado Salad, a colorful mix of yellow peppers, jalapenos, and black beans. She's making the Vinaigrette when Daba gets up and starts putting on his Reeboks.

"I'm going to get some Broccoli Chicken and Mongolian Chicken. Be right back."

He had phoned it in when I was showering. My daughter worked some more on making my mane lay down and Kenz bopped around the family room, Nana did you hear that, write that down .....

Daba returned from the traffic with the Chinese chicken dishes and fluffy white rice.

We scooped it into our bowls while the sweet TV lady made ice cream sundaes. She poured the chocolate syrup from a little cream pitcher.

There's only so many minutes in a day. Sometimes the minutes have to be take out, especially if you want to rest, spend some time on personal upkeep and visit with the family. Kenz sure enjoyed the evening interlude.

Will the cooking channel rate up there with the Disney channel? Stay tuned.
Someday Kenzie girl may be the one who gets a delicious dinner on the table with no sweat.


Deb said...

Hi ~ I stumbled upon you blog today and I'm so glad I did! Love your page... Nana... I'm a Nana now. For 3 whole months to a beautiful baby girl named Jenna. I would love to link to your page from my blog. Would that be okay?

Nina Lewis said...

My kids call it mommy magic when I whip together a meal from an odd assortment of what is in the fridge and what is on the pantry shelf. When my bones are too weary, mommy magic turns to Papa Murphy's pizza!

If Kenzie turns into a chef, maybe you'll have to send her my way occasionally!!

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