Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Kenz will be six in November. It occurred to me today that she could really grow up fast from here on in. I was laying on her pink bed when this heavy thought descended on me.

She was trying to engage her tired Nana in an imaginary game. It was a good one. She and her baby doll Mimi were going shopping, at the animal shelter. They bought a purple stick pony for thirty dollars (a necklace and two perler discs). Kenz mounted the purple stick pony and went to Africa. She sensed my lack of energy and let me be the lay down clerk. After crashing into the door she returned the pony then was off shopping somewhere else with Mimi.

Mimi was the first doll I ever bought Kenz. I got her at OSCO for nine ninety nine. They had the same dolls at Toys R Us for 20 dollars, but our Mimi must have been at the drugstore because one of her eyes doesn't close all the way. Mimi has worn other ensembles, mostly Kenz's baby clothes, but lately she has been in her original pink striped outfit. I can't believe it, I bought Mimi over four years ago!!! It seems like last night.

I know Kenz is going to rocket from dolls to--- girl friends, sleepovers, cell phone conversations and headphones.

This afternoon she bounced around her bedroom while it grew smaller. Hannah Montana is on two walls, in both posters she looks like she is ten years old. The corners of Kenz's closet are stuffed with stuffed toys and baby dolls. Under her bed is a Barbie Doll/Hannah Doll collection, lots of outfits, lots of accessories. Her own child-size hangers scan a pole displaying a surplus of clothing that is way too small for her lengthening limbs.

Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope, there is time for childhood. There's still so much to imagine, so much to play, so much to learn. I hope Kenz has a chance to, as the song says (the David Cook one on my blog) To taste every moment and live it out loud.
The swift mainstream of pre-adolescence will be another adventure, and will be here soon, it's right around the corner!

Let today Play!

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Angeline said...

Kids really grow up so fast, don't they? before you know it, they are asking for 'privacy' while my boys are still clinging onto me (before they start holding (only) their girlfriend's hand), I'll be sticking on to them like super glue too....

my elder one is born in November too!

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