Monday, August 18, 2008

Mysteries Revealed

More Clouds In My Camera
I took this picture at sunset.

Nana, where do the books go when I put them in?
They go back in the library, Kenz.
They do? They go back on the shelf?
No, they go in a box or something, then the librarian checks them back in and puts them away.
I know Nana, but where do they go?
We must investigate. We cannot let this remain a mystery. Where does the metal box deliver the books? What lies behind that thick stone wall? How many books are in there? What are the books doing?

All our questions were answered. In the children's section is a door, a regular looking door.
It was unlocked. I opened it half-way. Inside was a tiny dark room.
Nana, the library ladies are looking at us.
The clerks chuckled and looked at each other.
I gave them a smile, waved and said, It's for my blog. They went back to their computers.
Whew! We weren't in trouble for going in the secret room. I fumbled through my purse for my camera. Kenz held my arm and peered into the darkness.
Nana, look! Our books!
Our books were the only ones in there, lying on a big piece of white sponge rubber, in a messy pile, just like they are at home after we read them. We had borrowed two videos and they weren't next to the books! They must fly in because they are much lighter. It's grand to know how things work!

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Kim's Mom said...

Great post!

"It's for my blog" Hehe. I'll have to remember that one. Who knows what doors it may open? LOL

Looks like you're enjoying your new camera! :o)

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