Thursday, September 4, 2008

Such A September!

I have always loved September, the month of new beginnings.

This September is packing a wallop! (Where did I get that expression?) Yep, this September is a doozy! Here's my list.

1) I am back to work as an RN, after not working for several years.
2) Kenz is in Kindergarten at Montessori.
3) My second grandchild is going to be born this month!

It goes without saying that I am making a few mid-life adjustments.

I love both the challenge of my Nursing job, and the honor of being able to be involved in my grandchildren's growing. I also love my hobbies: blogging, writing, reading, exercising, eating my husband's good cooking and resting. (Resting is an awesome hobby.)

From what I've read, a common theme with us fifty-something (and plus) grandparents is that many, many ,many of us have several lives going on at the same time. (Not to mention layers.)

I was talking to my sister Neci about all this, telling her about my job at the hospital and how I have to work smarter, not harder, how I can't let the time get away from me. She wisely reminded me that this will be true at home now, too. Yep, with two grandchildren, my time with each of them becomes even more precious.

Kenz, of course, is ready to help. Nana, you change the diapers and I will play with the baby.
September is bringing her some big changes, too!

I posted the September Newsletter from Kenz's school. It's so rich, full of the joy of learning.

Tomorrow is Show and Tell something that begins with the letter C. Kenz is bringing a calculator. It's amazing that she already knows how to use it to add and subtract.

The September Newsletter

Wow! Summer is “officially” over. That was fast. The countdown for cool weather begins now.
Our summer was filled with creative endeavors. We spent June learning about famous conductors, musical instruments, and the orchestra families – Woodwinds, Strings, Brass and Percussion. The children definitely loved the percussion instruments. As we entered July, Art became our focus. Michelangelo started us off. Everyone was amazed that it took him 4 years to paint the Sistine Chapel, and that he painted the ceiling. We followed Michelangelo with Cezanne ‘Still Life’, Van Gogh’s use of color and heavy strokes, and finally Picasso and abstract art. The children were very amused to see how Picasso’s portraits had misplaced facial features. Their efforts to replicate his art were quite inspiring and comical.
August began with art, and came to a close with the Letter/Sound of the Week. Thank you for the wonderful ‘Show & Tell’ participation that included our letters. We could see the pride each child felt in bringing things that started with the Letter of the Week. As we begin September, ‘C’ is next on the list. We are excited about this next step in the children’s learning process.

For our Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten children, September begins our foray into the children keeping their own progress sheets. At the end of each week, a copy of each sheet will be sent home showing each area of work that they have been challenged in. They really enjoy being responsible for, and involved in, their own choice of challenging, academic work. We encourage parents to acknowledge their children’s accomplished work ,but tread lightly when speaking about work that appears to have “mistakes”. Overcorrecting a child during this phase in their development can cause a decline in their interest and motivation to learn. The materials and lessons given show each child how to achieve the correct answer, but the process of doing each job is just as important. And don’t worry; it is normal to write letters and numbers backwards at this stage in learning. This will naturally correct itself. We do work on this in class regularly and will notify parents if we are concerned about a child’s progress. One of the main objectives at this level of learning in Montessori is to fuel each child’s natural desire to learn new things and also to be confident in doing those things.
BTW, Thanks to all my commentors. Reading your feedback and thoughts is another one of my favorite hobbies.


Jill said...

I know just what you mean about loving this time of year. It is fun to be excited about school starting all over again with grandchildren. I am anxiously waiting for news about your next grandchild's arrival. So much to look forward to, huh?

Dorothy said...

I love reading your blog, it reminds me of me...there are so many of us grandma's who love our grandchildren. It's so wonderful to learn about each grandparent and share thoughts, ideas, and values.

This site is a joy...

Dorothy from grammology

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

I love Kenzy's idea of helping with the new baby!

I also really liked " smarter, not harder.." Especially important when we have so many things going on at once, and only so much time.

I too really enjoy your blog. Just love to read of your time with Kenz. The love between the two of you just shines through.

Untypically Jia said...

Hey Chica! Because Boondock Ma loves your blog, she's given you a Rock on Sistah-Friend award! You can see your blog listed on my blogroll at

Don't forget to check out the rules and pass the love along!

Angeline said...

If I were you, I'd love this September too!

but I've always loved September, all my life...because my birthday is in this month...*laugh*

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