Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Delicious Layers

Today Kenz took a sick day. It worked out well because today was a day off from my job at the hospital.

It wasn't another Labors day though. I worked hard, got alot done and got most of it done before Kenz arrived in the mid-morning. I had moved tons of stuff around, vacuumed under beds, dusted and cleaned like a nut. OMGoodness, maybe I am Nana-nesting, getting ready for the new baby.

By the time Kenz and I plopped in the playroom, I was zonked and could hardly move. First we colored a picture. I colored the Cinderella Nurse. She colored me the picture of the bed.
Then onto the fun part, reading books. Kenz chose:

Put Me In The Zoo (It's a Cheetah Nana)
Burt and Ernie Spring Cleaning (I picked it cause you were cleaning Nana)
Redheaded Robbies Christmas Story ( It's OK that it's not Christmas Nana, in two more months it's my birthday!)
George and Martha Tons of Fun (Nana, you love this one)
My exceptionally smart five-year old granddaughter is so right. I love George and Martha. The little stories by James Marshall are my kind of funny--- dry humor. There are others in the series of George and Martha that I plan to hunt up, one of these days.

This is what it says on the back cover of our book.

Jame's Marshall's five stories about two great friends are really five mini farces in which the dignity and the bulk of the hippos are in contrast with the ludicrousness of their situation... The secret of Mr. Marshall's success lies not just in the freshness of his sense of the ridiculous but in the carefulness of his control and editorial judgement. New York Times

The books are published by Houghton Mifflin Company Boston. Copyright 1980.

I posted one of the pages showing George raiding the fridge. Martha is trying to help him lose weight so on the next page she lights up a cigar, to harm her health. She threatens George with smoking if he doesn't quit eating. It's all good. Kenz and I both laugh at the hilarious hippos, even if we might be processing the humor on different levels.

Oh yes, life has many delicious layers, doesn't it?


nina lewis said...

Nana-nesting. What a great phrase! I can't wait to hear about the arrival of the new little baby!

Angeline said...

Indeed! Delicious layers!

Kenz is truly an Artist! I'm amazed! Seriously!

Ken said...

Hi Connie,

Are you sure you and Kenz are processing the humor on different levels? There's nothing wrong with being unabashedly childlike. Nice entry.


Dorothy said...

So fun, and wow can I relate to being exhausted. My grandson Noah tells me I fall asleep watching videos...with him. Do you think that's possible..?

Dorothy from grammology

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