Thursday, February 5, 2009

Almost Valentine's Day

Here we are heading down the stretch to Kenzie's favorite holiday.... Valentine's Day. She told me this right after Christmas. I was surprised! I thought Christmas would rank as tops, but she was emphatic about it. No Nana, Happy Valentine's is my favorite. This year Kenz has another reason to look forward to the 14th. Her friend Jordan, whose birthday is on the 13th is having her birthday party on the Saturday, the 14th, Valentines Day!

Jordan or Jo-Jo is turning seven. Her birthday party invitation was hand-delivered to me by her grandma, my good friend Sue. The pink card read, "It's an almost slumber party" Please bring a sleeping bag, a pillow and wear your pajamas. It's from 5-8PM.

What a great idea! I think six and seven is too young to spend away from family, but three hours and a couple of them after dark is--- just right. Kenz has had her jammies picked out for a couple of weeks already. Yesterday, my sweet as candy granddaughter reminded me that she still needed to get a sleeping bag.

Nana, the almost sleeping party is almost here!


Nina Lewis said...

I love the 'almost' part of the slumber party. I've never been a fan of having large groups of kids sleeping over. They seem to get into too much mischief. (And I don't sleep . . .) One or two are OK.

Dorothy said...

Have fun great idea....

Dorothy from grammology

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