Friday, January 30, 2009

Time Standing Still

Between working, being with my grandchildren, my home, my writing class and my general activities of daily living..... I am ..... enjoying this moment of quiet and time to blog. It's been a week since I've posted.
Kenz and her mommy just left. They stopped over with dinner from Pei Wei. I usually get the Sweet and Sour Chicken with Brown Rice, but tonight I tried the Spicy Chicken. Daba is not crazy about Pei Wei, but he eats it, as long as his rice is white. The chicken was too spicy for Kenz to eat, but she picked out the pea pods and ate them all up. She's a girl who has always loved vegetables. Her entree was the honey noodles to which I say ...Yuck!
After dinner, while I did some putzing, Kenz slipped into the playroom alone and painted a watercolor with q-tips. She wrote the word LOVE above the third heart then came to me with the green colored pencil. Nana, write always in the first box and giving in the second. Hmmm! how interesting her creations are! She made the happy snowman scene the other day, unprompted, unassisted. Kenz loves art.
About the little Brody boy. What else can I say? He is a doll! On Fridays, my son Mike watches him all day while his wife Jodi works. I like to go visit them at their house and today was no different. Mike had a cold (or something like a cold) the last few days, but aside from his snuffling, today was in high gear and... in cleaning mode. He dusted, laundered, wiped and folded. What a guy! Meanwhile, I played with Brody. He kept me entertained for hours. What is it about babies and grandmas? Time stands still and he is the only person in the universe. No matter if he is smiling, fussing, crying or laughing, I am a captive audience. One of my favorites is when he puts his toes in his mouth. And when he laughs. Four months on earth, and he has won all our hearts!

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