Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Congratulations to my beautiful sister Neci, who is graduating this summer with a Master's Degree in Children's Literature. Did I get that right sister?

It was great getting our summer started with a visit from Neci, although it was way too short. She was our early June bloom. Neci has always kept Kenz 'in books' and this trip she came with a bag full.

As it turned out, while she was here, our local library was getting summer underway with the BE CREATIVE @ YOUR LIBRARY program. We just happened to come across the little desk near the entryway when Neci, me, Kenz and Brody were bustling into Baby Storytime. Afterwards, Kenz signed up and received her bright yellow card to keep track of her time. For every fifteen minutes read, there's a square or object to color. In her age group (6-11) the children read for 6, 12, 18 and more, more, more hours.... to receive prizes. The biggest prize is a free pass to a waterpark.

On our way to have lunch, Neci explained that it's important that children want to do this, or reading can become a chore or a bore. Then she reminded me to continue reading to Kenz. "Beginner readers need to hear adults read," she said. "They need to hear the intonation in the voice to help them become smooth readers."

This was several weeks ago and Kenz is still excited about the reading program. And Brody, oh my goodness, Brody loves, loves, loves Baby Storytime. We are all having a book of a summer. Kenz has read almost eighteen hours! She reads to herself, her parents and to Daba. She and I have a special reading time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays after Brody's dad picks him up about one o'clock. We both get a stack of books that we want to read to each other. Then we get in our comfy clothes, get comfy on the big bed and take turns reading. The best part is that after a few books, we close our eyes and take a nap. A siesta! Sometimes it's only a few minutes, but it's wonderful. Brody, at nine months, is so active and so buzy, by the time afternoon arrives, I am ready. I am so tired by this time because Brody does not--- nap. Oh, he'll take a quick cat nap, but he is a morning guy and he is buzy all morning, playing and exploring. He never stops. I must say though, he plays very well by himself. He is-- as we say-- a good baby.

So Neci, thanks for coming, thanks for everything. Loved having you. So glad you could glimpse a couple pages of Nana's sweet summer story, Play Wit Me Nana!

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