Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Every Morning

Here's Brody at work, playing in playroom number one. Next week, he'll be ten months old. He needs lots of room to crawl and ample space to keep his little limbs in motion. Right now as I type, he is absorbed in the small plastic giraffe (you can see it next to the big giraffe.) Everytime he shakes it, (so far about a hundred times) it says Whata we gonna do. ou ou ou. I think I really need a doctor. It's a trinket from Kenzie's happy meal, a character from the movie Madagascar 2. Brody is enthralled with it. He also loves the Peek A Boo blocks (below). When you drop them in the big giraffe a little tune plays. He is getting skilled at dropping them in.

I love the way Kenz cleans up the playrooms, arranging Brody's toys and books in creative patterns. She charges 15 cents for each playroom. These days we have two, playroom number one and playroom number two (my office and the spare bedroom.)

Kenz can make any space ready for a new day of exploration and Brody can undo it in less than a few minutes. (Guaranteed or your money back!)

These days I am having fun just listening and watching him play!!!

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