Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Soul Tears

Yesterday Kenz and I saw the Hannah Montana movie for the second time. We had so much fun. We went to the cheap theater in the middle of a sweltering afternoon. We got a medium popcorn, the big box of Hot Tamales and the jumbo size Agua Fina water for twenty five cents more than the small bottle. They even gave us a free cup of ice!

The last time we saw Hannah, at the regular movie theater, we both cried. This time I cried, but Kenz only admitted to watery eyes from.. she says..... yawning. The scenes and images from this sweet tale about a Hollywood girl who goes home to family life are... inspiring. The wind is blowing through her beautiful chestnut hair as she rides bareback on her white horse through the green hills in her backyard. She loves her fast life as a big time entertainer, but she has strayed from her soul life of family connections, nature and her place of birth. Her dad arranged the trip, redirecting her private jet from New York to Tennessee to celebrate her grandma's birthday. Hannah/Miley's mother died when she was little (Tears) Plus, she stays in a room that has beautiful old-fashioned patterned wall paper that her mother picked out when she was twelve. (Tears) Her grandma is a sweetheart. (Tears)

At the big home town concert Hannah is performing her hip hop style music to raise enough funds to keep the town afloat without having to sell out to commercialism and a fancy new mall. Suddenly, she stops and shocks everyone when she reveals her true self. She confesses that she can't keep her identity from the people she loves. Then she takes off the blonde wig (now she's Miley) and performs Climb, a song she wrote in the barn. The people love her, but the Hannah fans want Hannah back. They want Miley to be the person she is and also who she has become. (Tears)


Dorothy said...

How are you we changed our blog page let me know what you think if you'll consider visiting it.

My grandson Noah and I love her shows and yes I'll see if we can get the movie and watch her together.

Hugs to you and hope all is well.

Dorothy from grammology

Pre Schools Phoenix AZ said...

Such a cute post!

<3 Lindsay

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