Monday, December 21, 2009

Today is the first day of the rest

                                                               of Christmas vacation

Kenzie's best of the batch

Kenz is off from school and out to lunch with her mom at their friend's house. Brody is sound asleep in his spot in Grandma's bedroom. He and I just returned from an inspirational trip to Cost Plus where the stuff  comes from all over the world. Daba is at work.

All is calm. All is bright.

The sun is trying to shine today, but it's cloudy in the desert. The long holiday week(s) has begun.  I will be working on Christmas Eve, but I have the Big Day off, followed by a weekend of work. Then the same the following week, work on New Years Eve, off  New Years, work the weekend.

I have to wait till 2012 before the yuletide falls on my day's off.

I'm ready for Christmas. There's just a few more gift cards to get and they're easy. I do have the next three days off to soak in the pre-holiday buzz at home.

This year I didn't go all out and send out packages.  I did receive one from my sister Neci.  Her brown box arrived last week.  She is so creative. She taped used Christmas cards on the outside.  Recycled is a better word. She is a schoolteacher, on Christmas vacation, a well-deserved break. That's a good thing about that profession.... holidays that coincide with the children. 

I do plan on getting plenty of sleep these next two weeks. This way I can maintain my Christmas spirit.  Early to bed, early to rise.  Sleep in heavenly peace.

These are a few of my early Christmas vacation thoughts boxed up and ready to go.

 More to follow.......                                                       

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