Monday, December 14, 2009


I usually don't like anyone else but me, using my computer. The way things are working out though, is that fifteen month old Brody doesn't like when I'm using my computer. 

Ever since he discovered his You Tube favorites he muscles his way under my feet and up onto my lap everytime I am online. Then he insists with his finger and his uh-uh-uhs that he wants to see his friends.

It's my own fault. When he was just an infant, I made sure he was indroduced to the seven wonders of the world... Veggie Tales, Elmo, Wiggles, The Wheels on The Bus, Five In The Bed,  Barney and Big Bird.
(These are a few of my favorites.)

The You Tube has an endless supply of children's songs and this time of year... any Christmas/Holiday song or video you could ever want. The Chipmunks were singing to us this morning.

Recently, I have had to start redirecting Brody boy from insisting that he hear his songs while I am checking my email or facebook.

My strategy seems to work, sometimes.

I'll put on some You Tube music or my Itunes library then get on the floor with him and play cars or blocks.  I let my screensaver fade photos in and out. When he is sufficiently happy to be exploring the playroom and his toys and books I slip back up to my chair to type, opening a page in a new browser. 

I get a few minutes of computer time until he wants to be right next to me again.  If I don't 'change the screen to something he wants, he'll reach with his cute little hand to... the mouse!  He already knows that the mouse controls the thing. He'll also slip his tiny fingers onto the keyboard, attempting to make You Tube appear.

I usually give him a song or two and then I shut the whole thing off! 

He is, as I might have already mentioned in my past posts, adorable and bright and special.

He is a wonder of my world!

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