Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today's Wrap-up

Just made it home in time. The cold rain is coming down in a steady beat. I was out picking up the annual Christmas cookies from my sister-in-law Rita. She is an expert at Christmas baking. Tonight she showed me the 3 by 5 card where the  Rosky recipe was handed down to her. I think she said it was written on the card in 1960. They are so good. I already ate three of em.

She makes dozens and dozens of different varieties.  She's been doing it for years and before that her mother did it. They are the perfect cookies.

I have presents to wrap, laid out on my bed. That way I will do it, before I get in there and start sleeping.  Oh dear, I just looked at the time, it's almost past my bedtime. There has to be a morning after. I can do it tommorrow. I still have tommorrow. Tommorrow is the eve of the eve.

Speaking of sleep, Brody took a long winter's nap today. The longest ever... topping out at more than two and a half hours.   He slept soundly on Grandma's big bed. Afraid he would wake up and fall off, I stayed next to him, which was fine wit me.  It gave me the chance to read several chapters of " The Art of Aging, A Doctor's Prescription for Well-being" It's a fine book, written by the guy who wrote "How We Die."  His name is Sherwin B. Nuland.  I can't show you the cover because it's on my Kindle. (I love my Kindle.)  Anyhow, the book is a refresher course in old people. He says the process of aging really starts to kick in during the mid-fifties, early sixties.  Lots of changes happen, but... and it's a big but... the changes don't necessarialy have to include disease and debilitation.  Aging, he states, is not a disease.

 I am grateful for the book and the time to read it.  My other job, besides being a Granny Nanny is all about being with the older folks. I the nurse am nearly one of them and some my age (mid-fifties) do suffer disease and debiltiation. Nuland is good at putting the microscope on the visible and invisible nuances that occur as we wrinkle.

Before Brody fell asleep, earlier today, we were out in the fresh air. The wind was blowing. We were bundled up and didn't give a darn! Right now, that seems like ages ago. It's been a long day.

During his nap, about an hour into it, I heard the mail person pull up in front of the house. I dashed out of the bed, looked out the window and threw back the sash. I ran to the front door. Saved by the bell, he did not ring the doorbell.  I opened the door and he handed me a nice-sized brown box from my sister Jean.  Thanks sister Jean. It's stashed under my bed next to the box from my sister Neci. Thanks again Neci  I will open them both on the Eve. What a treat that will be!!!!

 Speaking of treats, last evening, the lively and lovely Kenz came over and colored with me. I was really surprized to learn that she never knew about the built-in crayon sharpener on the back of the 64 Crayola Crayon box.  After all these decades of Crayola, the sharpener still breaks the tip off and it gets stuck in the box. They have improved on the color selection, with a collection voted on by the users. More shades of pink than ever before!

After Brody went home today, I went out hunting and gathering last minute gift cards and presents. I wore my Christmas earrings from Claires. What a great excuse to wear a sparkly, hanging, Chandiler earring in the afternoon.

After this wrap up, I don't think I'm going to wrap those present tonight.

Big Yawn. Us older people need our sleep.  And to all a good-night.

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