Friday, March 19, 2010

ABC blocks

I bought these little wooden blocks for Kenz when she was about two. On ocassion, she and grandpa enjoyed stacking them up and knocking them down. One day the blocks disappeared into the  playroom closet. They stayed in there for--- a half a decade. Several months ago they reemerged and ...Brody loves them.  He can stack about six or seven of them, which I think is phenomenal for his age. Even better, he studies them. Each one has a little picture on one side.  I never paid any attention to the details, until 18-month old Brody pointed them out.

He especially likes the 'doog.'  Yesterday I watched as he put all his blocks in his little red bucket, poured them out in his lap, put them in the bucket, poured them out, put them in the bucket, poured them out. Every once in awhile he stopped and turned a block in his precious little fingers, looking at all four sides. He was oblivious to everything --- except his blocks. This went on for about fifteen minutes.

One reason I'm so happy about his interest in these little blocks is because they have letters on them and can spell words.  I like that he is handling the alphabet and seeing the word picture associations. (Albeit, on a subconscious learning level.)

For Brody, the blocks are sensory. They are lightweight and make a neat sound when dumped. They have nice textures, smooth on some sides, carved on others. They are colorful. Some sides have a black letter stamped in calligraphy. Some sides have a small word that spells out a number.  The blocks are a world unto themselves! Even grown-ups like to make towers with them! 

 It's no wonder wood blocks have survived the generations. We had them in the fifites, didn't we? They were bigger and heavier back then. Wood can be so much nicer than plastic. It's calm and quiet. Things a grandma likes. I know there's Leggos in Brody's future.  For now, he is content with blocks that don't connect together, but are moving, living and breathing.

Thanks Brody for teaching me so much about your little ABC blocks!

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Susan Adcox said...

Blocks are a classic toy. No batteries required. When Brody gets a little older, you can play all kinds of little games with the images and letters.

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