Monday, March 29, 2010

A Picture Wit The Easter Bunny

What is that thing?

I don't remember ever getting pictures taken on Santa's lap. That sort of thing just didn't happen because there were... nine of us. If you are from a big family then you know there are no INDIVIDUAL snapshots of you and the guy with the white beard in the red suit.  If a Polaroid does surface, you probably were on an outing with a friend or neighbor.

That was the fifties. In the eighties, when I had my two (easier to count) children, we never missed a year without a Santa Claus, photo that is. Come to think of it, I haven't seen those pictures in years. They are behind cellophane, living  in ancient photograph albums. (chuckle)

Fast forward to 2002 when Kenz was born. At any minute of the day I can click my Picture file and see her in all her cuteness with the Santas. Yes, we have two malls, two Santas, and ...two sets of Santa photos.  Not to mention all the ones snapped while waiting in line or exiting with reindeer antlers snug on her  happy little head. 

 A couple years ago, something new or should I say someone new appeared on the scene. (The mall scene that is!)

This new must have, must see Springtime necessary accessory is... A PICTURE WITH THE EASTER BUNNY! The best of the package deals is named the GRANDPARENTS SPECIAL. (Of course!)

Last week, Kenz suggested that I take her and Brody to the mall to make sure they don't miss getting their picture taken with the Easter Bunny.   What a fiasco that was!  Unlike the elves, our Easter Bunny crew didn't have it together!  It was hardly a team effort. There was only one very frazzled girl taking the pictures, showing the pictures, and taking the payment.

We arrived mid-morning and took our place in line. There was one couple in front of us.  They weren't kids. They were punked-out thirty somethings. The two of them slung themselves over the non-gendered white creature while the makeshift photographer snapped away. Oh oh... slight problem with the camera. Ten minutes later and the punk rockers had some more pics taken, which they didn't like. Back on the bunny the  rocker girl made sure that her pink streak was hanging in her eye. I hope they like that one. Nope. More pics. Finally, it was our turn.

 Mesmerized by the bunny or the punk rockers?

Up until the moment we moved towards the bunny, Brody made no (absolutely no)  indication that he was NOT going to cooperate. (That's when I named the animal or whatever it was Bun Bun)  Kenz coaxed her little cousin by demonstrating how it's done. All the while the clerk was trying to figure out the cash register so she could get the punk couple on their way and take our picture.

We had way more than enought time to get situated. You think the rabbit would have had a few words for us. I found it very pecular that he or she (?) did not TALK. Maybe the big paper mache head prohibited conversing. It felt wierd not to have any feedback except for a mechanical type wave as we tried to get posed. Brody finally decided he would sit on Nana's lap. Darn. I was NOT counting on being in the keepsake photo... no make-up, flyaway hair and my Kelly Green St. Patricks day tee. Oh well.

We smiled. Click. (Was the bunny smiling? We will never know.) Time to view the pictures. (This is hilarous.) We weren't warned beforehand, but the light coming through the mall skylight had WHITED US OUT...  and turned us into ethereal visitors.  The clerk said that the pictures came out this way  between ten and eleven a.m. and then tried to convince me to buy them anyway. Ah! No thank you. We headed over to the Food Court to have an early lunch.

After lunching, window shopping, and diaper changing we got back in line for our Bun-Bun prize photo. A crowd of two proceeded us, but I knew it would be a wait. Kenz and Brody ran in circles in an open area, playing chase and having a ball or an egg. (Brody was calling the oversized egg decorations... balls.)

 Round two. As long as there was Nana's lap then it was OK with Brody. Kenz posed like a model. Snap. Snap. Snap.. Viewing time. I didn't like any of them. Kenz picked her favorite.

What do you mean do I have cash? No, I have my debit. Crouched over the register, the clerk was on her cell with Bunny Central, trying to figure out how to deal with the latest greatest way to pay ...the debit card. The silent bunny sat and stared as I packed Brody into the stroller. The whole thing was strange. Kenz was antsy to move along and... we finally left. We didn't even get a jelly bean!

There will only be one bunny picture this year and maybe.... there will only be one bunny picture in the achives of our family memories

Do you want to see it?


Teresa at Nanahood said...

I love the picture even though there is something a little creepy about the bunny...or maybe it's just me. Anyway you are gorgeous and the kids are precious!

Angeline said...

Hhhmmmm....That experience was weird. I wouldn't want to go again if I were in your shoes.
Then again, the photo was Awesome!

Susan Adcox said...

I think the picture-with-the-Easter-bunny tradition needs to be quashed now! There are too many cool Easter traditions to spend your time at a mall dealing with a mute bunny and poorly trained help!

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