Friday, April 9, 2010

Tween seven and eight

     Seven and a half!

Physical Development

Growth still slow and steady ---arms lengthening, hands growing.
Eyes ready for both near and far.
Permanent teeth continuing to appear.
Large muscles still developing. Small muscles better developed. Manipulative skills are increasing.
Attention span getting longer.

Characteristic Behavior

Often careless, noisy, argumentative, but also alert, friendly, interested in people.
More dependent on their mother again. Sensitive to criticism.
New awareness of individual differences.
Eager, more enthusiastic than cautious.
Best friends of same sex are important.
Much spontaneous dramatization, ready for classroom dramatics.
Understanding of time and use of money.
Responsive to group activities, both spontaneous and adult supervised.
Fond of team games, comics, television, movies, adventure stories, collections.

Special Needs

Praise and encouragement from adults.
Reminders of their responsibilities.
Wise guidance and channeling of their interests and enthusiasms.
A best friend.
Experience of belonging to a peer group.
Adult-supervised groups and planned after-school activities.

From See How They Grow. A brochere from Scott, Foresman and Company.
Copyright 1966 (the good ole mid 60's, I was almost ten.)


Susan Adcox said...

My little 7-year-old just turned eight, but this is a good description of him, except for a couple of things. Maybe his attention span is getting longer, but he still has a hard time sitting still for a meal. On the other hand, he has endless patience in working with Legos. He's also not interested in team games. But eager, enthusiastic, alert, sensitive, careless, noisy--that's him to a tee.

Dorothy said...

My seven year old grandson Noah, sounds the same..they all go through the same stages...and it's wonderful to watch them become little people..

Hope all is well..

Dorothy from grammology

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