Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Up The Anty

If you are a great aunt or uncle then you have much to contribute to the enrichment of your great nieces and great nephews.

You probably did some good things with your sib's kids. You may have visited them, taken them to the park, the zoo or the mall. They grew up (f-a-s-t) and had children of their own. Now you are .... not only an aunt or uncle ... you are a great one! That's a doubling of your aunt or unclehood.

 When it comes to relations between my sisters and brothers and my grandchildren, I am doubly blessed. Actually, triple-ly blessed because my husband's sister (and her daughter) are also present in the lives of my grandchildren.

Tonight however, I want to spotlight a very very special great aunt. She calls herself Ant Jean. And she is a gem. She has been in Kenz's life since the beginning.

Ant Jean is fun. I could end this blog entry now because that's it in a nutshell. She is fun.

One of the ways she has contributed to my granddaughter's self-esteem/personality development is by never forgetting her birthday. Her gifts usually have to do with creating something. When Ant Jean and Kenz do get together there is always ART. Arts and crafts as Ant Jean says. The themes vary. She's done collages, burning wood, painting with sponges, card-making and drawing.

When Ant Jean comes to visit she brings supplies. Oh, there's usually that very FUN outing to Michael's craft store, but she mostly has everything she needs for the planned adventure into creativity.  When Kenz and I were in S.D. last week, the two of them made cards and cookies.... gluten-free cookies.

Oh Ant Jean, you are marvelous darling!

 I heard Kenz describing you to someone outside the family the other day. She knows you by your sign. Once we made little painted boxes. My Aunt Jean signed her name. She always puts a little picture of an ant next ot it.

Kenz was smiling. She can envision all your love, fun and adventure in that one tiny little black ant.

The ants go marching.... one by one

Hurrah, Hurrah


Anonymous said...

Wow wee Ant JEan is so sweet! Love you sis. I like what you wrote about me.....................tee hee!

becky @ misspriss said...

Oh, I thought that pic w/the whale tale looked familiar - Birch Aquarium? Hope you had fun there. I love the kelp tank - so cool.

Susan Adcox said...

Aunts are indeed a special part of children's lives. My sister doesn't have any grandchildren yet, so she is kind of a second grandmother to my grandchildren. It's the continuation of a family tradition since she was the perfect aunt for my children.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You're right - great aunts are special. Barbara

Dorothy said...

Awe that is so sweet I'll bet those memories will never go away.

Dorothy from grammology

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