Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Extra Miles

 Love them noo-noos

The Milestones of a Twenty-Month Old

1. Jumps and runs well.
2. Walks downstairs--one hand held.
3. Squats while playing.
4. Kicks large ball.
5. Builds tower of 5-6 cubes.
6. Uses spoon well.
7. Pours water from one cup into another.
8. Pulls person to show something.
9. Takes 3 directions at a time; "Take ball from table, Give ball to Mommy, Put ball on floor."
10. Speaks 15-20 words.
12. Combines 2-3 words.
13. Asks for food, drink.

And now ladies and gentlemen..... the extra miles of Brody Boy

Does simple puzzles.

                                                               Busts the dust.

 Studies his books

Pours sand on the dog poop.

Waters the lawn....

               and surprizes grandpa with a  nice cool shower. 


Susan Adcox said...

Too cute! If Grandpa is like most doting grandparents, he won't mind an unexpected shower when delivered by a grandson.

Nana Connie said...

Susan, thanks for your regular visits and comments. Love it.

Grandpa didn't mind the shower at all.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Extra miles indeed!


Angeline said...

How time flies, isn't??!!

A great granny and a great Mommy too.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, my friend.

Grandma Shelley said...

Isn't it fun watching them grow? Loved the pics!

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