Monday, July 5, 2010

Afternoon Firecrackers

Kenz bounded in the front door. Nana, Nana, I have a new pet. She was holding an empty soap box that at one time contained fancy soaps, like Yardley (remember Yardley?)  I peeked inside thinking I was going to see a turtle or a lizard. Instead there was a tiny red ladybug. Her name is Lady, Nana. Don't let her out. Lady, Lady, Lady... Kenz sang loudly (and proudly) running off to show Daba. I then remembered that as a young girl I loved lady bugs, too.  In the Midwest they were as plentiful as lightning bugs. Here in the desert they are not easy to find.

Wihin minutes, Shell, Kenzie's mommy was oiled up ready and determined to turn brown as chocolate on the raft. The three of us (and Lady) went outside and left Daba on the couch cursing at the Cubs.

I sat on the hot lawn chair to relax. Suddenly,  a red, white and blue torpedo (with long legs) dashed off the porch.The rocket had goggles on and was holding her nose. She exploded into the pool and came up laughing. Oh to not judge the temperature of the water before entering!

                  Then there were more running jumps!

After several hundred jumps and dives, Kenz and I got out of the sun and went in the house. I suggested that we get Lady a nice jar for an abode.  Kenz agreed. We then took Lady outside to get some grass for dinner. When Kenz opened the lid.... Lady flew up into the orange tree or maybe into Daba's corn field.

It was an all-out family hunt, but eventually we had to give up the search.  Kenz was OK with it when Daba explained that any ladybug would be much happier living in the yard, rather than a jar.

 Shell was out of the pool, lying on the lawn chair catching more rays.  Kenz, sensing that the visit to Nana's was nearing an end, decided that we wouldn't waste a minute more.  We were gonna play... SPA. 

Her name was now...Mandy. All the treatments cost 2.00... each. I got my nails painted, my face decorated and my hair semi-styled. Oh and a fantastic foot rub, all for four dollars. Jewelry included. (The price kept going down, so the game could go on).  Kenz loves playing business owner. She snapped my photo after the services.

Fancy for the Fourth!

The salon closed. Shell was now sitting in the kitchen, looking as red as my shirt.  Daba whipped up some of his frozen meatballs in the microwave and scooped a big salad out of the tupperware for the Kenz.  Her dad would be arriving shortly to take Kenz to her cousins to watch fireworks when it got dark. Shell had plans to go out with a  friend and I was preparing to enjoy a nice  quiet evening with a book or two.

 It was still light outside, but my Kenzie girl had set off enough sparks for one day.

She lights up any day of the year!

I will leave you with the promised picture of Daba's desert sweet corn. It's all been harvested and is almost all eaten.  Sweet as candy!

Not such a corny idea, afterall.

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