Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Little Merman


Kenzer, Bro Bro and I were on our way to the neighborhood Walmart to get diapers that Bro Bro could wear in the pool. It was Kenz's idea. I forgot about them, but she had seen the commericial for them--- lots of times. Getting the three of us out the door and into the car and into the Wally Walmart can sometimes be a big job. But the day was fresh and we would do it. Plus, this would give me a chance to pick up a few more items before heading back to the ranch for a day of swimming/play.

We started in the deli,which was to the right as we entered.  Directly past the prepackaged pasta and potato salads were FREE samples of swiss and chicken breast. Kenz had a party with the toothpicks, stabbing the cut up pieces, making tastes for Brody and I.  It was so good I had to get a half pound of each, which took--- forever. The meat counter lady was a trainee. She was getting detailed lessons on slicing, obviously a skill that takes time to master. We ate more samples till we were full. Onto to the diapers.

There are a million different kinds of disposables. My favorites with Brody are the pull-ups. Ever since he could stand I've invested (more $) in the pull-ups. You can pull them up. You don't have to tape them together with those tabs that sometimes can get too tight around a little tummy. I'm not fussy about brands. Whatevers on sale and  can be stepped into---works for me. 

We cruised up and down the diaper isle. Even Kenzie's good eyes could not spot the Swimmies.

Brody spotted the Gerber fruit snacks though. "NAK, NAK, NAK" You could have heard him out in the parking lot. I don't like to tell him to shush, because I LOVE to hear him talk.  Anyway I quickly convinced him that we would pass on the Naks and go get some Haagan Daz and ice cream cones.

On our way to the cold stuff we spotted a WALMART manager, with a headset on. He was also talking to the Cola salesman.
"Do you have the swimmie diapers?" I interrupted him for an important request.
"Nope, don't carry em, never did maam."
"Oh Darn," I said, looking to a disappointed Kenz.
"They don't work anyway," the Cola guy said. "My son had them on and they fall apart. They wad up and fall apart. We just use the regular ones. Everytime I took  my boy out of the pool, he would pee on me."
I thanked him for all the information and we moved along. Kenz was not convinced. Nana, maybe the baby was in the pool too long. We need to get Swimmies for Bro Bro.

We took the ice cream home, stretched our legs and then got back in the car and went to Walgreens. Touchdown! They had swimmies. Huggies Little Swimmers. What a cute little boy and girl on the package. We waited in a kind of long line while Brody examined and rearranged all the Naks at his eye level. Finally we were out of there.

Swimming Time! Kenz was back in her red, white and blue. I was in my one piece floral  and Brody was ripping open the Swimmies. He pulled one out. Oh Oh! They can't all be that color. I grabbed the pack from him. They were all that color! They were all PINK! Maybe more of a Salmon color. Boys can wear salmon. I tried to convince myself. Kenz was laughing her head OFF. Nana we got ARIEL!

Why the heck is there a boy on the package? He has a blue diaper on!  There's a girl too. But there is a boy.
And there is ---an Ariel! And the pack is blue. But Bro Bro soon wasn't.

You can put a Mermaid diaper on Brody, but he is still a MERMAN!

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Susan Adcox said...

What a great post! I can just hear your grandson wanting Naks and see him wearing his sort-of-pink swim diapers! Life was a bit simpler when we were parents. We used to let the kids play in the kiddie pool or sprinkler in their birthday suits.

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