Monday, October 4, 2010

Pictures Worth Waiting For

Tommorrow is picture day at Kenz's school. Tonight after a game of soccer in the yard and a bowl of Daba's chili, Kenz and I went to Kohls to look for a dress she could wear to school for the photo shoot.

She tried on six or seven dresses, but no luck. She found some cute PJ'S, but the dresses all lacked something, namely comfort, sleeves or fit.  In the end we went to Marshalls and found a nice one (not pictured.)

This one was not bright enough and tended to cling.

School girl cute but the waistband was too tight and the scarf didn't match.

Polyester Hot ... as in too warm.
This one was darling, but there is some rule about having your arms covered. I think I should go back and get this one so she can have it for another occassion. If we could have found a nice white cover-up then it would have made it to  the pictures.

Funny thing. In this age of digital cameras we can have instant pictures of getting ready for picture day. If I had an internet connection on my phone, I could have even uploaded them from the dressing room to my facebook page and gotten immediate feedback from my friends and family.

But tommorrow is good old-fashioned picture day and we will not see the pictures for a long time. We will  have to wait days (maybe weeks)  until the school sends home the big envelope containing  the second grade images of Kenzie alone and with her class.

These are photographs that go down in history!

I like that we will be surprized. We paid for the pictures weeks ago and there are no refunds, maybe retakes (if you insist.)

For the most part you get what you get.

Some of the  grammar school pictures of my children are still (decades later) hanging in my hall. It  doesn't matter what they wore or how they were smiling or what their hair looked like. As long as their eyes were opened, the pictures turned out perfect, because they are what they are and  it is what it is and that is.... school pictures.

It should be renamed School  Picture Perfect Day!

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Susan Adcox said...

I love the sleeveless dress, too. I have some funny school photos of myself and my kids. I think that's what I like about school photos. You can send them to school all bandbox fresh, but there may be a kink in the ponytail or a stain on the blouse by picture time!

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