Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I think if you gave Brody a choice between going to Toys R Us and buying a new toy OR going across the street to the neighbors house and looking at their DASH DANS, he  would not hesitate for a second.

Dashdan Nana, big dashdan and baby dashdan. Dashdan hot!

 Brody is fascinated with the these large green buckets on wheels.

I'm not surprized.

It started several months ago when a garbage truck (excuse me,a waste management vehicle) pulled up in front of his house. (His family has two dashdans.)  Brody watched from the window as the monster's huge arm picked up the family's refuge, lifted it far up above the earth and dropped it into the roaring, humming dinosaur. I was there and watched his eyes grow bigger than the sun! 

As you would guess, Garbage Day is a big deal of a day for Brody.  His mom tells me that he loves to see the dashdans in their garage and when they leave there is always a farewell to the green friends that stay behind. 

Baby dashdan!

It just occured to me that Brody has never asked me to open the lid on the cans. He probably knows it is full of empty dipes, duice, doggdones and cheese.  I'm loving his language. Many of his words start with D!



Grandma Shelley said...

Very cute. I've got three grands who are really into the garbage truck coming.

Grandma Lizzie's House said...

Kids are curious and can find something interesting about just about anything.

Susan Adcox said...

We try so hard to create unique learning experiences for our grandkids that sometimes we forget that they can find entertainment and education in almost any experience!

Ken and Joanne said...

Why our granddaughters were young, they would ignore the toy and play with the box it came in. It made a better sound, or you could imagine more things with it.

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