Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two Talk

I remember when Kenz couldn't say her S sounds. They came out F's. We all remember farkles. I knew it wouldn't last forever and it certainly hasn't. Her diction, pronunciation and vocabulary are extraordinary. 

My adorable two year old grandson is now in that stage of making words that are precious. I gently correct him, but what is better than a new word for the same old plain one.

                               According to Brody this is a PUNTIN.

  And this is DENZIE!  Brody loves Denzie.

           These are his favorite DOOKIEs! Chips are BIPS! He also likes Ahhpulls and Dorns (corn flakes.)

Brody knows his colors.... Boo, Red, Bown, Ahhng and Burple. I think it is so cool that he is only  two and knows these colors. He also counts to five. Un, doo, tee, five! (big smile)

Clifford is ...a perfect sentence. He was shouting it out at the book fair. BIG RED DOG.  I don't think he associated it with a costume. Maybe after Halloween he will. This big red dog made a big impression on him. He was a little scared of him!

Brody is BOW Dee! This was taken after the Yaydee's head broke off  when she accidently slipped to the floor. (Baba fist it!)

This is his lovely Aunt ME ME

Brody calls me... Nana.  When he wants to do something he says... Mon Nana. And he doesn't hestitate to keep asking till he gets his way. PEAS Nana, PEAS. PEAS..... MON NAN. ( Oh yeah, he shortens my name, sometimes) 

How could I ever say no

He loves to go out to the garage and see if the light has...  MOKE,  an incident that happened a few weeks ago when he opened and shut the electric garage door... oh... maybe eight times in row.  I was standing right there. I had no idea it was going to start smoking. Thank goodness it didn't break. Now he is only allowed to push the button..... UN time. 

Our other activites are DALKING on the sidewalk and checking out the neighbor's DASH DANS. He's learning to use the potty chair, but still wears a Bappie. (diaper)

Kenz named her grandpa DABA and Bro calls him BABA. He has shortened it to BOP, which is really special because that is what my husband's dad was called by his grandkids (BOP). 

Out of the mouth of babes........


Grandma Kc said...

Grandkids are just the best! I was Nama for a very long time and I kind of miss it!

Susan Adcox said...

What a precious post! It brings back such memories. My grands are old enough to enunciate now, but how I loved that special language! My favorite was pack-pack (for backpack).

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