Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Now presenting... Play Wit Me Daba

Daba has always been grandpa's name, that is ever since Kenz named him when she was about one. Once upon a time I did I write a post on how his name came about way back when. It had something to do with baba, or bottle which Daba always carefully prepared for the baby Kenz on those evening we babysat.
Fast forward through that decade. Who would have guessed his grandson Brody would be so much like him? (They look alike, they talk alike) They both love going to the coin shop, wearing collar shirts, and now--- baking. Today they made an amazing pumpkin pie. Brody did most of it. (I'm sure Daba had everything perfectly measured.) It was after Nana began working full time that Daba really stepped into the 'childcare role'. Now Daba makes the waffles, reads the books, drops off, picks up, signs the homework. What a legacy these children will have. What a heritage!

I smile when I see Brody and Lou together. The amazing thing is that Daba never complains. Brody, according to Daba, is 'perfectly behaved.' Oh, the wonder of it all. I just have to stop and take it all in. Did he have that kind of patience with our own kids? I almost don't remember it was so long ago. (30 Plus Years!) I have to say I really don't think so, this grandparenting thing is different.

My busy complex career continues. I rush, worry, prepare and really really work hard, but at the same time feel so grateful (and unworried) about my glorious grandchildren who have their Daba to see them through till the parents pick them up. I think I forget to say thanks. Thanks Daba for all you do and for who you are.

xoxo love Nana

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