Monday, October 21, 2013

SO Much of everything!

Hi all my blog visitors.

Look how much time has passed since Nana wrote a post. Kenz is ten, ready to turn eleven and Brody is a whole 5 years old, or in other words five years gone by.

Fortunately, I am able to visit with both of them several times a week. Due to my forty plus working schedule the times we spend together are shorter, but nonetheless always uplifting. Kenzie loves to stay overnight and manages to wiggle her way into my bed many times a month. She is an super A student, quite organized and self sufficient about doing what she needs to do for school, and soccer and band. She is a trumpet player. Last year she played the Baritone, so she's had practice with the horn. Kenzie girl loves her friends and has a group that I met on visitation night. They are so rambunctious at this age,all smiles and I-Phones and games.  And Brody, oh boy, he is so lovable, so sweet, and so so smart.

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