Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mr. Nature!

Mr Nature's Music Garden
Attached to Mr. Nature's business card is a small pack of seeds, wild flower seeds. Now is a good time to plant them, he told us.
Personally, I love wildflowers, you never know what you are going to get, but you know for sure what blooms will be beautiful and varied.
 Mr. Nature (pictured above) is engaging children at our local outdoor mall with music and fun. Anthony (his real name) explained that he grew up in a day care center where his mom worked. As a result he learned what children really loved. He now does an hour of music and fun at Bookman's Entertainment Exchange. He calls it Mr. Nature's Music Hour and Instrument Petting Zoo. He and Ms. Nature are available for celebrations, playgroups, events and for the  classroom. Brody and I attended today and really had a fun time. I especially liked the singing with the different instruments.
This evening when I was checking my email I received the following. 
  • From the American Academy of Pediatric Policy Statement  
  • Children, Adolescents, and the Media
     Media, from television to the “new media” (including cell phones, iPads, and social media), are a dominant force in children’s lives. Although television is still the predominant medium for children and adolescents, new technologies are increasingly popular. The American Academy of Pediatrics continues to be concerned by evidence about the potential harmful effects of media messages and images; however, important positive and prosocial effects of media use should also be recognized. Pediatricians are encouraged to take a media history and ask 2 media questions at every well-child visit: How much recreational screen time does your child or teenager consume daily? Is there a television set or Internet-connected device in the child’s bedroom? Parents are encouraged to establish a family home use plan for all media. Media influences on children and teenagers should be recognized by schools, policymakers, product advertisers, and entertainment producers.
      This is the abstract. The entire article is free.
    I do believe children are smarter and more savvy as a result of media, but children need to be away form media and out in open spaces. They need nature and interactive time with real live music, air, wind, etc.. etc. etc. And so does Nana!
    Thanks, Mr. Nature.  Thank you very much!


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