Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thriving in The Heat

Early last week, during my walk, I took the pic above. The following day I noticed these purple bushes scattered around the neighborhood were losing depth, with lots of the petals sprinkled on the ground.
These stunning bushes almost take your breath away! I want a shirt this color and a sweater. I think I have eye shadow that is very close. I'm hoping these awesome bushes will bloom again soon.  Our monsoon season has slowed a bit. We were having active storms, but tonight it's pretty quiet out there.

The silver leaf variety, just as pretty.
And this from the nursery
One of the best drought tolerant, heat resistant desert plants is the Purple Texas Sage bush / shrub (Texas Ranger Plant). Texas Sage is mostly evergreen (meaning it keeps its leaves), drought resistant, perennial, cold resistant, hard to kill and fits well in a low maintenance xeriscape garden.  These blooming desert plants thrive in the hot, humid monsoon season of Arizona.
It is hard to imagine that a flowering plant can thrive in these hot, humid August temperatures; but, these vibrant purple sage bushes love the heat!
And this from the playroom
The good old wooden block, good to spell your name, stack up and knock down.
This was last Sunday after Mr. Nature.

 Happy Last Day of July 2014! 

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