Thursday, July 17, 2014

Video Selfie and other things Elfie

BOB books best ever to learn to read. Elves on the rug best listeners.

Brody is still crazy about the Elves. He brought over three of  them last night, Buddy, Lizzie and the latest addition to the family, Krispy.
He plays with them like friends. I'm not sure how all this got started, but I know for sure it won't last forever. The way he interacts with these popular holiday Hallmark toys is highly imaginative. Did you have an invisible friend?  My son, Brody's dad did. If I remember correctly, his name was Rubba Dubba.  (I'll have to ask him about that.)

Brody tells me the elves have magic powers and they fly  up to the North Pole to talk with Santa.  I'm just glad he doesn't buy into the whole thing about them losing the special powers if you touch them.

The red felt fellows and the girl elf Lizzie were named by Brody.  Lizzie has earrings and red lips. All Brody's elves have blue eyes. He's been trying to con me into getting him one with brown eyes, "like my eyes, Nana." 

 I do not go along with the intention of the creators; the elf flies to Santa and reports if you've been naughty or nice. I think Brody half believes it so last night I explained to him that Santa understands perfectly that kids sometimes mess up and aren't perfect all the time. Brody agreed with me. Kids should know this. They should not feel like they are being watched or that someone is waiting to catch them doing something wrong. I think that stinks.

 I am glad  Brody plays with them, rather than just looks at them. Which, I kid you not, was what the Elf on The Shelf  inventor intended.  Supposedly once touched they lose their magic powers.

They really are cute and seem to be able to chill anywhere!


Hurray for my magical grandson!

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