Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pun ka nuh Pie!

Shelley and her dad.
Don't know for sure but this could have been one of Lou's many summer Thanksgivings, circa 2007

Today my husband Lou aka DABA ( a made up name for grandpa) is making a ten pound turkey. Thanksgiving in August. Yep, the whole spread. It was just shortly after sunrise this morning, as soon as I opened my bedroom door that I could smell the chicken broth bubbling in the big blue Le Creuset.  And then while sipping my coffee I watched Lou carefully rip into small pieces two loaves of the bargain white bread. For the life of me, I don't think I'll ever make a turkey and as he says, the whole nine yards, but today I think it finally dawned on me why he does it.

After I got back from my walk (which by the way was breezy glorious) Lou was pouring the frying pan with perfectly chopped up celery, onions and about two cups of real butter over the bread pieces. I watched them suck it up with delight. Then while I flipped through the Sunday ads, he pulled a pumpkin pie from the oven. Pun ka nuh  pie, he said in a kind of classic Italian broken dialect. That's what my grandma called it. Pun ka nuh pie. He was smiling. You know they were born in Italy, he reminded me. I know, when did they come here? I asked.  He wasn't sure, maybe when they were in their twenties or thirties.  I could hear Lou washing the pots and pans as I was clicking away on my computer visiting all sorts of interesting links. Then when Lou had his kitchen back in perfect order he came in laid on the futon in my office/playroom and announced that dinner will be at four. I am hoping and praying everyone is on time. This is so important it should be the eleventh commandment. Thou shalt not be late for Lou's Turkey Dinner!

 Anyway,  I always know when Lou cooks a turkey he's wanting his family near, his sister, his kids,  his grandkids and me. And guess who else? Lou may not know this but he is also cooking for his grandma, his dad's mom! He loved her cooking. That's all she did.  He learned a lot from her. NO ONE could make a ___________like grandma Marconi, he's often told me. Fill in the blank and she was the best at it.  Aha! I finally figured out why he goes to so much trouble.

May the sweet spirit of Grandma Marconi taste the love of her grandson all these years later.

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