Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Brody turns Six!

Turning Six


These are scenes from the family party. The following day there was a friend party at the Jumping Castles store.   I have to say the family deal was a big hit. Ant Jean was here. We played her invented game called, Guess Ten Things about Brody. What is his favorite color? movie? food? and things of that sort. We all had to keep a list. And the winner was... Mom and Dad. A tie. Mom won the bonus question! We then played Kenzie's favorite ten things. Nana Won! Next we played Head Banz.
 Brody kept us all on target, circling the room answering our inquiries. Do I fly? Do you wear me? This game can go on for a long time. I didn't mind. So fun to watch the family laughing and interacting.

After the games it was time to fly the new elves. Brody still loves these happy red elves. The new ones names are Betty and Perry. Ant Jean had never flown elves before but she knew exactly how to do it! There was lots of running in the house!

I wish you could hear the noise. Very loud and happy!
And then it was time for the CAKE!  Brody's mom paid 25.00 for it. Wait till you see it.

An elf on the shelf creation. It was from a bakery that makes cake from scratch. White cake delicious.
Brody was elated. He is a holiday guy! Loves holidays. We learned from Jean's game that his birthday is his favorite day. I guessed Christmas. What do I know? I also didn't know elves could play with you all year long!
                                                        Pure Birthday joy
                                                        my elf loving boy
                                                        to the North Pole in dreams
                                                        celebrated soaring
                                                       seasonal toys that found
                                                       a true every day friend.

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