Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Haunting

From my lawn chair
Lying in my lawn chair this morning reading chapter two of Phillip Lopate's book To Show and to Tell, I look up and lo and behold I am showing you and telling you there was a white line going straight up to the heavens. Planes do these sort of sky drawings, but this line was thin and straight and clean. A magical beanstalk!

Later at the gym

Speaking of planes, one of the best reasons to go to my gym is to get on a horizontal plane on the  hydromassage. Ten minutes of very warm relaxation. Best reason to say, "I've got to go workout."

Four o'clock on the field
It was still a hot 85 degrees and the sun was making it difficult to watch the game. Kenzie girl loves soccer. Today's game, mandated by the coach was quiet on the sidelines day. We were not allowed to cheer, only clap. Kenzie's dad told me I did not need to golf clap. I didn't know I was golf clapping. In this clip I'm noticing Kenz's shadow.

Riding home from Kenzie's game
This was kind of odd. Now it's evening and there is another vertical white line in the sky. Just showing you and telling you about it. I am enjoying Lopate's book on the Craft of Literary Non-fiction. He's a New Yorker. Last month he visited our Poetry Center and read a few of his essays. He is also the editor of a famous textbook THE ART OF THE PERSONAL ESSAY. I first read Street Haunting by Virginia Woolf in this textbook. I was flabbergasted to read of her evening adventure venturing out into the London streets, before electric lights. I often think about her when I'm out for an evening walk. Obtaining the pencil, of course, was just her excuse to get out from the walls of the house.

This evening on my walk  the winter trees cradled the white moon.

Hauntingly beautiful!

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