Friday, February 19, 2016

Blog this and Blog that.

Blog this.
The plumbers didn't get here till Wednesday, a day late. I can see why people love Lou's work. He knows how to keep a job in order.  I would have had every room in an uproar. After all the chopping, sawing and cutting there remained only a small deposit of silt  on the thin plastic covering the house. I took some photos of the opened walls, kind of creepy. The process reminds me of surgery. As of today, the wounds remain open while the water vessels wait for inspection (next week). Then the suturing begins....  I am reminded of the great plumbing that keeps us alive, a subject for another post. This morning I sit in a room that feels like we are in the middle of  moving. As long as I can get to my computer I'm good... for now.

major arteries, nerves, myelin sheath

Blog that.

I need to tell you about Brody. This Facebook post below typifies many children as young
as three. I love it. Makes me smile.

My grandson Brody is seven. Over the past year we have a sort of standing date on Sundays. It's our Date Day. He usually calls early says "Nana, what time should I come over?"  He doesn't mind running around with me on my Bermuda Triangles; Natural Grocer, Trader Joes, CVS, Target and others. He's up for the Poetry Center, the streetcar, Antigone's bookstore. The best part of having his company is the fresh sweet perspective he brings. And he's right on smart when it comes to commerce and securing goods (aka shopping).

Last Sunday, I agreed to go along with him to Target. In his pocket he had two twenty dollar bills, rolled up like well the best I can describe them--- rolled up like homemade cigarettes.  Before we left for the store his little hand dug them out. Nana, I only have 40 dollars and Kleverkeet is 60 dollars. OK Brod, I'll kick in 20 and the tax. I didn't know what Kleverkeet was, but for 60 dollars it had to be something cool, electronic. Brody is discerning when it comes to toys. Paying a little more than a third seemed like a good deal.

Brody put the cleverly packaged plastic bird in the cart and we headed to the register  I wasn't impressed with Kleverkeet, a plastic parrot that records your voice and repeats it back. The bird is part of a big overpriced collection.  I just can't get excited about a lot of  the toys anymore. When Kenzie was young, I would get nauseas just walking into Toys R Us.   Hey Brody, did you check Amazon to see if Kleverkeet is cheaper? OH Nana I forgot. I checked Ebay. Give me your phone. I handed it over and in less than a minute he was at the Amazon site reading me the stats. Brand new is 29.00, then Like News and Good condition all the way down to 14 bucks. What? Free shipping. Let's go back to the toys Nana! He took the overpriced parrot out of the cart. I followed him back to the toys....... to be continued. 

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