Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Love is Letting In the Pink

I think my orchid loves me. I bought this plant at Christmas. It likes three ice cubes a week and the light of a bathroom skylight. Today it surprised me with two new plump buds, ready to bloom soon. I keep it where I  wash my face. When I  look into the eyes of my Orchid, I wonder--- where did you really came from?

I have two Himalayan  salt lamps and I don't care what anyone says about you salty warm rocks, you are welcome here. I did remove the varnished wooden stands *after the Google report about the toxins they emit.  My niece Lara says she loves hers (a gift from me). And her boyfriend George told me his son calms down at night, as a result of the Himalayan salt lamp, that is using it as a nightlight 15 watts of light with a roomful of benefits. The lamp is supposed to clear electronic waves, dust, and allergies. The clerk at the Natural Grocer explained that the lamp will eventually dissipate into thin air! The Himalayan table salt is also beautiful, a light soft pink, tastes good, feels pure. There are bath salts, too. Supposedly, this salt is much better than the salt of the polluted sea. Yes, Google the salt, but don't believe the bad stuff they say.

The pink bouquet Lou bought at the Safeway on Valentines is fading away. Brody took the heart out the last time he was here and ran around waving it, called it a magic wand.  I've changed the water twice. When was Valentines? Nine days ago! 
 I like this idea of examining time and how it goes by. I like this capital L--- Life stuff, the process, watching it, day by day, surprise me. Today, I met a girl (a lady, a woman?) someone maybe around my age. I think most of the people I interact with lately are younger, maybe decades so. Any way I was out, after work, for walk in my neighborhood. She talked. Told me about a tragedy affecting her x- husband's son. She told me so many things about her life in about 25 minutes! The sun was setting I missed most of my evening walk. I let the pink sky cheer me as I walked home in the near dark. I let the pink clouds lay in the sky. The poor guy she described was in a hospital in the East, twenty-something, his life totally rearranged last Saturday night after a motorcycle accident. He had a helmet, was not drinking. Tragic. Life is fragile, fragile, fragile. Let the Pink in. I look forward to his recovery. I don't know him, but I work at an Acute Inpatient Rehab. Thank God he did not get a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).  He is young. He'll bounce back. Send him love.
And as synchronicity will have it, what book caught my eye tonight?  On my bookcase out of the hundreds of thousands, :) it was--- "Love is Letting Go Of Fear."
Remember Gerald Jampolsky. It was 1979 and he was a pioneer. It was an International Best Seller! I'm flipping through the pages, looking for a line we can carry into tomorrow. Here's a good one.
Ah yes! Here it is....Other people do not have to change for us to experience inner peace.
                                                             Much love and ....much pink!

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