Thursday, February 11, 2016



Hello from the other....No that line is taken. I meant to say...

Will you still need me when I'm sixty-five?

That's not a new one either.

                                OK....something unique.

Something to get you back in my space, to look at my life, my grandkids, my trees, my yard, my... book. My books to come!

A slant to make Nana famous again.

I've missed my readers and missed my blogging. A year has passed, and my life continues to bloom.

This blog around I want to encourage us. I want to go into our older ages together.

                                Granny get your gun!
                       We are moving on to the good life.

I will share with you what I know about getting there and what I continue to learn daily from the billions of resources available.

                     Let's start here together.

                    See ya tomorrow for another moment.
                                       Love Connie

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