Sunday, January 4, 2015

Inflatibles and A Pinky Promise

The 2014  holiday season is complete!  Tomorrow it's back to the classroom and the books, not to mention waking up early. Now for a mini recap.

Brody is still enthralled with inflatables. Here he is with the 10 ft reindeer I bought him 2013 Christmas. He has learned so much from these air filled things including 1) how to bid on Ebay, 2) the difference between 4ft and 9 ft  3) what a fuse is  4) how to carefully plug things in, and not last and not least 5) how to be utterly passionate about something!  Six-old Brody has already started collecting inflatables for next Halloween. He scouts them on Ebay and somehow influences his parents and grandparents that he must have them. Check back in about 20 years. Brody just might have some major projects related to these air-filled creatures!
The weather outside was delightful and the sun equally so. We got some nice cold holidays in the desert. It actually felt like a real Christmas season. Here's Brody out in the freshest of airs jumping on the new trampoline Nana got him for Christmas.  When I talked to Brody on the phone this evening I asked him if had been on the tramp. "I jumped three times today Nana!" How fun to take a break from indoor playing and bounce in the yard. I love it!
It was a few minutes before midnight and Kenz and I were partying with the flakes, a rarity for sure in the desert. We could hear fireworks in the distance. We had been out to the movies, saw INTO THE WOODS, a very unpredictable very entertaining musical.  The next day when I took Kenz home, she said, Nana, let's make it our tradition to go to a movie every New Year's Eve. OK, I said.  Pinky Promise? she replied putting her little finger up. Yes sweet girl, pinky promise.  I would love to end the year and start a new one with you... forever.
 And now..... INTO 2015

A fresh air passion filled happy New Year to all!

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