Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lessons from the Roses

I promise you a Rose garden.

Roses are not my favorite flower. They have too much baggage always hanging around romantic holidays, funerals, weddings and the grocery store florist near the produce isle. Some gals and some guys think that getting a big vase of roses delivered to the office on a special occasion (like an anniversary) is the envy of all.  I think roses can be--- annoying.

But this week, all that may have changed. Out of the dry dusty desert Lou has delivered gorgeous blooms every morning. In that little hour before I hit the road for the office, he and I have been arranging them in vases, sniffing them, discussing the colors (the blue black edges on deep maroon) Ah! just look at the way the light hits them on the kitchen table. These desert roses have delivered cheer!  

And to top off the fun, our paper person has been delivering a  trial Wall Street Journal.  I know it is to entice us to spend the 80 a month on the good rag, but it also has brought me cheer. The articles are well written, and the layout is superb. I love the smell and feel of the newsprint. (Maybe it would be worth it.) Of course, there are the thorny stories about wars and rumors of wars. Such is life. Lou has gotten a few sticks this week while trimming the foliage.
My brain with Rose synapses.

rose water, rose petal, rosy, a rose by any other name, red  red  rose
These roses won't last more than a handful of days. My spiritual lesson for the week has been the same. Everything blooms and dies and comes and goes. I have to say the illustrations have
been fantastic.
Take a whiff of that!

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