Saturday, April 2, 2016

2nd day NaPoWriMo

A Poem a Day

This is National Poetry Month.

I will post a poem a day   Will tell you more about this tomorrow.

This one I wrote awhile ago. I gave it to a nurse. Several months later she told me she reads it everyday. What? Wow!  I was so happy she could feel it.

Day Shift

The thrill of hope
the weary nurse rejoices
day shift is almost done.

Her beloved patients  
clean, dry and drugged;
(medicated is a better word)
will soon belong to evening.

Report is passed and
out the door
goes the day nurse.

I am frickin incredible,
she says to herself.
I have juggled
so many balls! I have not had
a single break, my feet ache.

Oh night divine!

And then, after a few
crazy dreams
the weary nurse rises.

She hurries to
another day shift.

I am frickin incredible,
she says to herself
I can do this and 

in the door
she goes where

up and down
the shiny halls
call lights blink

urgent and bright
urgent and bright.

Report is passed and
out the door
goes the night nurse,

singing the praises of
a new and glorious morn

a new and glorious morn
when once again
the incredible
day shift
is born.


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