Saturday, July 30, 2016

New granny vids and old journaling

OK, so this clip was a year ago. Not much has changed. I still have the hat. It was a gift from after I contributed to their then new blog site.

And it is Saturday, a year later. (Kenz isn't asleep in my bed today. But a week ago today the two of us were having our annual vacay in San Diego.)  Today I was up and at em, took a walk around the neighborhood, came back and wrote a poem.  What I really want to post today is something I clipped from a journal entry from long ago. My family members and friends will know the names and places. I don't know the year because I tore this page from a journal and put it in my clippings box, but I think it was 1979. Michelle was a toddler. The two of us traveled to Chicago from the desert. I have pictures from that trip, but this snapshot below is something I treasure. All the more reason not to destroy my old journals.

Friday June 6th 1978, 79 or 1980

Chelle and I have been in Evergreen Park with MA, Denise, Marcia and Joni. We've been out to dinner with dad for a smorgasbord. Today to Brookfield Zoo. Last night over to Jeanie Roche and Kevin's with Carmen for a nice visit. My God. Grandma Peg has died. I had a last visit with Peg at Toy and Bills. It was quiet and contemplative. I will always remember and want to remember her shriveled body, her chin, here beautiful white fluffy hair, her long gorgeous fingers. Peg. Such a monumental woman. Her life long enough for her. It's strange how she died two days after we arrived June 2.  My running has diminished regretfully and I am smoking again. Modify these behaviors. Sunday, Paul graduates from 8th grade. Chelle, Marcia and I will move ourselves up to Big D's for a few days. I think I need three weeks for this visit.

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