Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summering thoughts

I love my job. I love my life.

Can you say this? Can I say this? Something to think about. My daughter Facebook posted an Oprah soul session today that was really good! Oprah was saying... there are no failures. There are only lessons to be learned. She said if you are feeling uncomfortable doing what you are doing and being like uggggggggg, it is a sign that you should be doing something else.  I am not quoting it exactly, but that was the essence of the message. She was preaching RELAX!  Even in the difficulties of jobs and life we are all moving ahead. We are  where we  need to be  to learn. We need to relax and learn the lessons we need to learn. I'll listen again and post it to my home page, if you want hear it.

The heat is on.

My best laid plans to get up and go to the Canyon today were set aside. At 6AM it was  79 degrees, will be 98 at noon and 101 at 6pm. Ah, that's hot stuff. We are in the winter of desert. This is the seasonal flipside of living here. If it were someplace like Chicago or Buffalo we'd be trapped indoors unable to wander in fresh air for several months of the year. Even when I tell myself I like the heat, part of me is screaming you have got to be kidding me! I remember years ago a neighbor telling me that she was looking out her big picture window into the back yard. She said everything looked so beautiful, but it was all an illusion. Her children could not go outside to play. It was all so beautiful but too uncomfortable to enjoy. I do try to make the best of summer. The best of it is to take little trips away from it. I have one coming later this month. The pictures I take will be ones I can actually be present in and the smiles will be real.  Hail to the snowbirds! Will I be one someday?

Just got a call from my grandson Brody. Nana, can I come over today?  Haven't seen him since last Sunday. Here's a recent his parents posted.
A very COOL guy!

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