Monday, April 16, 2007

Not Always Fun

Mackenzie stayed here last night because her mother went out to eat and spend the evening with her friends. One of them, Angela, Shelia's daughter is visiting from Texas. The original plan was for Shell to take Kenz along, but that changed when the group decided to go to a finer restaurant which would not be conducive to children. I'm glad she didn't go because I think it can border on being a torture treatment for a three year old to be expected to sit with a group of grown-ups while they chat, drink wine, and leisurely eat. It becomes tortuous for everybody if the child spills the drink, climbs under the table, talks loudly, clangs the silver and refuses to eat, but decides to run around the place. It's no fun. When Kenz goes to eateries with us, we usually have to color pictures with her or otherwise entertain her on her level, engaging her in conversation or little games. It's probably even a livelier scene in families where there is more than one child and the misbehavior of one will entertain the whole family. Most of the time, the goal of a three and a half year old when it comes to eating out or shopping (unless it's for toys) is--- let's get in and get our or run around the store and get chased! (from PLAY WIT ME NANA, Chapter 9 - Blogging Grace)

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