Saturday, February 16, 2008


Pinkalicious is one of my favorites and Purplicious comes in as a close second. These are the kinds of books that childhood remembers. The illustrations are unforgettable. Kenz asked something that didn't even cross my mind.

Nana, are they gonna make a Bluealicious and an Orangealicious... a Redalicious?

These connections and leaps are a true sign of intelligence. I have a whole list of them, but can't find them right now, a sign of being unorganized.

The grandmas are blogging, the grandmas are blogging. Nana's Corner is a new link on my GRAND ROLL, so is Travelin Oma. I am amazed at all the Mommy Blogs, there's probably billions, they get tons of comments, most linked in networks like Blogher and the Mommy Blogs.

This instant support and shared diversity must make for a better understanding of how families function. The varieties and flavors are delicious!


NanasCorner said...

We're the new generation of cool, active, blogging grandmothers, but thankfully somethings haven't changed like warm fuzzys, delicious kisses, and humongous hugs!

Marty said...

I love Pinkalicious, so I'm excited to know about Purplicious, too. Another cute book for little girls is Fancy Nancy. It's really fun after playing dress up with Oma's scarves and necklaces.

Thanks for the link!

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