Thursday, November 5, 2009

Put It On The Blog

I didn't know what a blog was until...umm... three, maybe... four years ago.  Kenz is turning seven and she is well-acquainted with blogs and a blogger (her Nana).  Brody's mom is also a blogger. She blogs about Brody. We are both braggers, I mean bloggers of our interactions and reactions of grandmahood and motherhood, respectively.

Kenzie's mom is a Facebooker. She has several albums of fun stuff/times and some prize pictures of the Kenz.  Sometimes Grandpa Daba will read the posts and look at the pics on our blogs. He is not however, crazy about blogging, neither is he a fan of Facebook.  "I don't why you would want to share your business with strangers," he remarks.  He does know that 'the business' I share is limited. I am not one to air the laundry.

Blogging for me is not a means to an end. It is an activity that I find relaxing. It is the ultimate in self-publishing, it's free and no one is looking over my shoulder saying things like that's boring, or that won't work or people will not be entertained. It's my words (and photos) on my time for anyone who wants to drop by for a visit.

I have a few people who do, by the way, visit my blog. There are actually more than a few. There are enough people stopping by for me to know... I am not writing to the air. The Sitemeter, which I installed over 365 posts ago reports that I have had 12,941 Page Views. (That's not counting my visits)  The average number of visitors I have daily is between 12 and 20. Yesterday the BY LOCATION tab reported visits from faraway places, namely Belgium, Singapore, Australia and Japan. Many of the visitors land on my page after Googling something to do with children, grandma's or one the many activities I've written about.  In that sense, my blog is a bit generic. My family member from around the country visit, but rarely leave comments. Comments haven't been reflective of the number of people stopping by, although I cherish comments. I have made friends with some of the people on my sidebar. I visit their pages to see what's happening in their worlds.

The  picture below is a snake that Kenzie made at Montessori. Before she showed it to me she said, Nana I have something for you to put on the blog. She usually doesn't tell me this unless she likes what she has made. Many of her creations over the last few years were posted without her permission, but I don't remember her ever opposing their placement on my little spot of the big blogsphere.

I sewed the snake by myself Nana, it has PINTO beans in it. My teacher had to help me with the tongue and she did some of the stitches.

I like Kenz's snake. I like that she likes it.

 I like that she wants me to put it on the Blog.

I propose a toast

(with my morning coffee)


To Blogging!


Anonymous said...

Sister, I feel so lucky you are blogging. This is how I keep up with you and your world. I also like FB for the same reasons. Wish your family could come here for Turkey day. Love, Sister Jean

Dorothy said...

We are so blessed by our children and our grandchildren it is so wonderful to read your thoughts and know from another place there is another great lady for me to admire.

Blessings today and I love to visit you and your family.

Dorothy from grammology

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