Monday, May 10, 2010


This past week Brody's mom's mom (Mammy--- rhymes with Grammy) was here visiting. She flew back home on Mother's Day.

Good thing she had today to recover before going back to work tommorrow. She came here to help the family move into their new home.  I know she had a great time, can't exactly say that she had a REST. 

 Brody's dad told me today that she painted the new computer desk! It looks so nice. Of course, Brody loves it, especially sitting in front of it and exploring the alphapbet sites that his Mammy showed him. Oh Mammy. It was so nice that you came at the time that you did!

Close-up on the Mother's day flowers I got from Daba...

and the rose for Nana Connie from Kenz.

Mother's Day was another fun day in the yard watching Kenz and Brody play. Who do you think cooked the dinner? If you guessed Daba, then you win the prize!

Kenzie's long legs are squished in the Jeep. Brody's are just starting to make contact with the gas pedal.  They had  fun going round and round the orange tree. I'll say within the month, Brody will be driving it himself.

Sorry that it's a pink car, Brody. Hope you don't know the difference. Afterall, there is a recession going on! I'm just glad we kept the thing. Daba almost sold it at his yard sale. 


Susan Adcox said...

My grandkids have one of the battery-powered cars. My oldest recently got her driver's license and a real car, and we all credit the many hours she logged in her baby car for the fact that she is a really good driver!

Grandma Shelley said...

The grandkids are always so cute driving those cars around. I was down helping my daughter with some sewing and her little boy (who just turned two) was playing in the back yard. He came in and got me. Grabbed me by the finger and kept saying "tuck,tuck". I didn't know what he meant until I followed him out.

He had driven his 4x4 truck into the planter and he was "tuck"! I pulled the truck out for him and he jumped back in saying bye-bye and waving and off he went full throttle!

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