Friday, October 31, 2014

The things you do for Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Brody started planning my costume about a month ago.  It was decided that I would be Peppa Pig, a cartoon character I am not familiar with, but one he adores. After scoring the pig nose for 2 bucks I bought a red shirt and felt relieved that I had my costume.

 Turns out the nose was very annoying. I wore it around the house for practice and it left a big red dent, plus I couldn't breathe.  I called Brody to discuss this unexpected change in plans. He decided I should be Elsa or the other one, Ana.  We saw the movie last Christmas, which was a nice memory. Easy, I thought. A blue dress and a necklace. I already have the blonde hair.  I found the necklace at a thrift shop where the young tattooed clerk agreed, perfect for Ana or Elsa.  I searched high and low for a blue gown. No luck. Came home to my closet and decided to wear this turquoise one. Beautiful, matches the necklace. I was feeling good that I had not donated away the dress that I wore to my sister Joni's wedding many years ago.

I called Kenz  and told her about my decision. Did you get a light blue dress, Nana?  No I have a light turquoise green one. That won't work she said, No one will know who you are!

Then when Brody got a glimpse of my new costume he agreed, that is not the dress in Frozen.
Plus Nana, my friend that is going trick or treating with us is going to be Elsa and that would be just plain weird if you both were her. (His words exactly!)

So today, is the big day. After work I will be going into the night with Brody, his parents and his friends on the annual trick or treat of the whole neighborhood, the block and blocks full of Halloween fanatics!

I have my costume ready and it's none of the above.  If you're interested check back. I will have photos.  Yes, lots of photos and new memories from Halloween 2014!

Have fun everyone. 

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