Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nana on the Shelf 2014

This was thee costume Brody decided on. His advice... Nana, make an up and down collar and wear white gloves. For this photo Elf should have pulled her hat down. Are elves bald?
We went into the night and saw some very creepy things. It is mind boggling to witness the elaborate decorating  people do for Halloween.  The neighborhood we visited had movies on garage doors, entire houses transformed into images of spiders, skeletons, graveyards, and ghosts, sound effects everywhere. I'm starting to think Halloween has less to do with the candy (treats) and more to do with the tricks (technology).
The evolution of trick or treating, interacting with digital images in a driveway. The hosts had a popcorn machine and were dishing out free bags. Here's Olaf with his friends a Minion, and Ana and Elsa, who were inseparable. Every time they looked at me the pair chanted Elf on the Shelf Elf on the Shelf. 
I think I look like Lucy from the Old Lucy show or maybe Ethel Mertz.

Ethel of the Shelf
Ethel on the Shelf

Olaf and Elf on The Shelf

Kenz the Incredible Scarecrow. Kenz was out trick or treating with her friends.
 Elf and Olaf missed her.  Can't wait to hear about her night.


And now for the season of pumpkin pies

Flying into the future!



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Your costume is fabulous!!

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